Wine List

Plum Wines

House Plum Wine - Gekkeikan
The essence of the most delectable plums create a lightly sweet sensation
Umeshu Plum wine (w. Fruit) - Choya
The faint aroma, well-balanced acidity and sweetness of ume-fruit liqueur
Takara Plum Wine
White wine with natural plum flavor and caramel

White Wines

Chardonnay - Canyon Road
Refreshing aromas of green apple, citrus and tropical fruit. The medium-bodied wine showcases a creamy mouthfeel with flavors of vanilla nad Meyer lemon that is completed with a rich, lingering finish.
Chardonnay - Frei Brothers Reserve
Our chardonnay is big and intense with a soft mouthfeel and a long crisp finish. It expresses comples varietal characters of bright pear, peach and citrus, and a hint of vanilla and spice.
Riesling - Schmitt Sohne
Apple and citrus aromas. Pallet of fine fruity acidity, clean and tidy finish.
Sauvignon Blanc - Wither Hills
This Sourvignon Blanc presents a juicy core of layered fruit entwined with a salty textural acidity and vibrant citrus pith and a dry chalky finish.
Pinot Grigio - Canyon Road
Floral aromas with inviting flavors of summer ripened apple and pear. This medium-bodied wine has a refreshing, crisp, clean finish.
Pinot Grigio - Masca Canali Trentio, Italy
Peach and a surprising hint of honey, and the wine is characterized by enticing tropical flavors of apricot, lemon and pineapple, with floral notes.
Oroya Sushi White Wine
Blend of Airen, Macabeo, Muscat, the Oroya White Sushi Wine drinks delicately and crispy; fine citrus flavors abound with a hint of floral.
Serven Daughters - Moscato, Italy
This delightfully refreshing wine has bright flavors of peach and apple with a light spritz.

Red Wines

Carbernet Sauvignon - Louis M. Martini
A dense ruby / purple hued color as well as a pleasant nose of loamy soil, sandalwood, black currants, cherries, and tobacco leaf. The wine is soft, round and generous.
Cabernet Sauvignon - Canyon Road
Floral aromas with inviting flavors of summer ripened apple and pear. This medium-bodied wine has a refreshing, crisp, clean finish.
Pinot Noir - Aquinas, Napa Valley
This wine is garnet colored with aromas of light cocoa and ripe, sweet cherry.
Lambrusco - Riunite (Chilled)
Lively red wine has a forthright fruitiness, tingle and quaffability that bursts in the mouth, somewhat sweet with medium body. It's best served chilled.
Apothic Red Blend
A blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot, this wine reveals intense fruit aromas and flavors of black cherry that are complemented by hints of mocha and vanilla.
Bridlewood Red Blend - California
This blend is made up of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel and has flavors of ripe, jammy fruit.
Merlot - Canyon Road
Aromas of dark cherries, boysenberries, and plum, softly blended with hints of mocha and brown spices, It is a full-bodied wine with round, structured tannins and a long fruit finish.
Malbec - Alamos
Deep dark cherry and blackberry flavors with hints of brown spice and vanilla.

Rose Wines

Rose - Tapena, Spain
This refreshingly delightful rose wine has bright strawberry aromas with fresh cherry and strawberry flavors with traces of citrus and crisp acidity followed by a soft, round finish.
White Zinfandel - Canyon Road
Aromas of watermelmon, cranberry and fresh cherries, nicely complemented by flavors of strawberry and tropical fruit. This medium bodied wine has balanced acidity and sweetness and is completed by a hint of red fruit lingering on the point.

Imported Beers

  • Beck's
  • Asahi Super Dry
  • Kirin Ichiban
  • Sappora
  • Tsing Tao - China
  • Tiger Beer - Singapore
  • Heineken
  • Corona Extra
  • Dos Equis Ambar
  • San Miguel - Philippines

Domestic Beers

  • Coors Light
  • Miller Lite
  • Bud Light
  • Budweiser
  • Michelob Amber Bock
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Michelob Ultra Amber
  • Mike's Hard Lemonade
  • Mike's Classic Margartia
  • Samuel Adams
  • O' Doul's


House Sake - Gekkeikan (Warmed or Chilled)
Smooth flavor of our traditional sake
Karatamba - Ozeki
Brewed in Tamba Brewery surrounded by mountains, the area of fresh air, unique design of the famous pottery, Tamba Yaki
Zipang Sparkling Sake - Gekkeikan
Zipang is naturally carbonated sake, which is produced with special techniques. Served chilled, Zipang has a sweet yet refreshingly light flavor.
Ozeki Nigori Sake
Ozeki Nigori is an unfiltered (cloudy), creamy, sweet sake with a crisp, vibrant taste which is good for any occasions. It is also a perfect aperitif or dessert wine due to its sweetness.
Gekkeikan Nigori Sake
Using quality premium rice and Kyoto, Fushimi's underground water, this beautifully packaged Nigori Sake features sweet sensation.
Hana - Awaka Sparkling Sake
This exhilarating sparkling sake brings your taste buds alive with a cheerful balance of bursting sweetness, bright fruit flavors and tangy bubbles
Hana Fuga Sparkling Peach Sake
"Hana Fuga" is a sparkling sake, which goes down smooth, with a sweet peach aroma. It is the elegant and fashionable sparking sake for sophisticated people. This sake is suitable as an aperitif or dessert.
Apple Sake - Hana Fuji
The lively, lingering finish continues the taste of rich apple flavor.